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How to improve your memory, reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, prevent dementia, arrest AD symptoms or overcome ADD/ADHD with proven and mostly drug free remedies.

what really works for these:

Memory Improvement

There are two basic ways to improve memory. In the attached article and links you will learn how to apply both of these for optimal recall of any info.

Anxiety Reduction

There are various ways to reduce anxiety without medication, and in combo these can be very effective. Click below to find the best combo for you or yours.

Depression Alleviation

There are a variety of strategies that have proven effective for overcoming depression, again without the need for meds. You deserve to know these.

Dementia Prevention

There are many things that can contribute to dementia, i.e. “serious cognitive decline.” But there are many more things you can do to reduce your risk for suffering this. Click below to learn more.

Arresting Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's, a major cause of dementia, is feared by millions, for good reason! But new research shows related cognitive decline may be avoided or even reversed if the right steps are taken soon enough.

ADD/ADHD Reduction

Millions of children but also adults now suffer from these disorders which can seriously disrupt their lives and learning. But new research is showing most of this can be safely avoided.

our purpose

The Purpose of this Website is to link you to the latest and greatest information available anywhere on the internet to help you build a better-functioning brain at little to no cost.

More specifically, to help visitors improve their memory and reduce their risk for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia or to help alleviate anxiety, depression, or ADHD, by putting them in contact with the best sources and alternatives available on these topics.

The sponsors of this site, the American Brain Council, are not against taking medications to help with these issues or disorders, but we believe that often there are other healthier remedies that may reduce or eliminate the need for these, with fewer if any adverse side effects.

Moreover, since every body and brain are different, with unique needs and challenges, we provide a personal needs assessment tool at a nominal cost ($10.00) to better identify your vulnerabilities or areas of significant risk and the information here and elsewhere that would be most helpful for you. 
See the topics & tabs above & blog below for the latest info

Get Started Now

There are a lot of conflicting opinions in this field but one thing all researchers are agreed on is the sooner individuals begin learning and taking steps to improve their brain health the easier and less expensive it will be. 

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